"I bought Pain Wizard a few years ago at a farmers market. I love that it is local so I can keep my money in my area! I wanted to let you know that I have been using the roll on for headaches. I have chronic migraine and it really gets in the way of life sometimes! I just put some on my temples, forehead, and back of my neck and get on with my day! Best part is its fast! Oh and it also works good for my arthritis and muscle aches!"
Brandy W.

Shingles:  "My husband came down with shingles. The doc recommended calamine lotion, but after a few days of that he could not stand it anymore. He needed some topical paid relief of some kind and I thought of my bottle of Pain Wizard. It worked immediately. Way easier to apply and much more soothing."
Beverly L.

"In all honesty, I have never given a testimonial on ANYTHING! I was VERY skeptical about this product. I purchased this at a home show in Denver Colorado a few months ago. I have two torn hamstrings, a labrial tear in my hip and sacriolitis. This was ruining my life. I couldn’t sleep, sit, lay down, pretty much do anything but stay on my feet and/or walk. When I saw their booth, I had to see what they were “peddling”, as I already went to an Asian market to find some Eastern balms (I am very opposed to pills and injections). The nice lady empathized with me and simply said to try it. (Yeah, sure lady). I’m here to tell you I owe that nice lady an apology! I have tried almost EVERYTHING on the market, both western and eastern and nothing compares to Pain Wizard. I’m sold for life. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!"
Val T., Denver, CO

Headaches: "I have been using this for years and it IS the ONLY thing that gives me relief from headaches. I have steel rods in my back and screws/plate in my neck so I suffer from headaches, especially in the winter. Thank God for this product."
Judy H., Scotsbluff, NE

"Osgood Schlaters and ChondromalsiaI love it, it’s the best on the market. I have been using it for 6 years and it’s the only cram that works.  By far the BEST on the market!"

"My mom has been using this since Christmas 2 years ago and LOVES it. It’s about the only thing that helps her knee.  Amazing!!!"
Kara B., Michigan

Knees: "I’ve been having trouble with my knees for the first time in my life, and it had gotten to the point where I was having serious trouble with stairs, and even simple walking. While talking with my sister about the problem, she brought out her bottle of Pain Wizard. She said to take it home and give it a try to see how it worked.  I had my doubts, but, after only 1 application, my knee felt better than it had in weeks.  I was thrilled!!!  I’ll be placing my own order post haste. Thank you for having a product that actually does what it says it does. It’s truly a miracle for me!"
Holly S, Virginia

"Love, Love, Love Pain Wizard! My daughter and I first tried it at a craft show; she had a car accident which left one leg shorter than the other with other back pains. We tried it at the craft show, within minutes she was actually waling better and had no pain. We went back bought some that day. We have been faithful owners ever since. I carry the roll-on in my purse, which is so nice to have when you are in need of a quick treatment.  I have used it for my headaches, backaches and basically any kind of ache. I have never ever been disappointed and I always stop by the booths at the craft shows and purchase more.  I just recently got a friend to use it for her arthritis, and she says she is pain free! Pain Wizard works fast!  Buy some today!"
Kathy S., Denver

"My husband and I are hooked. Pain Wizard has been a miracle worker for us, I suffer from arthritis, my husband just had surgery to repair ligaments in his right shoulder. We don’t have to take as many pain relievers. We apply the lotion on our painful areas and relief is almost instantaneous."
Christine and Kevin C., Denver

MIGRAINES: "I have had headaches everyday all day for about 2 or 3 years now. I’ve been to several doctors trying to do different things to help my headaches. I had an MRI, did massages, saw a chiropractor and even got tested for different allergies. None of it worked, then I stumbled upon the Pain Wizard and was a little curious as to how it would work for me since nothing else did. What a surprise it was though! I tried it and my headache was gone! I have never had such fast and effective relief and I cant say Thank you enough for getting me to try it! It’s wonderful!"
Shayne M., Fort Collins, CO

"Pain Wizard is by far the best pain reliever I have ever used, and I want to get some for a friend who is  having major side-effects from oral pain medication."
Aruna B., Japan

RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS: "After years of medication and shots for my rheumatoid arthritis – with not much relief – I turned to your pain gel. What a miracle! No pain! Now I can move around with ease. Thank you so much. Katherine K., Parma OH It relieved my pain so well, I had to make a second trip to the show to purchase a tube. Love it!" 
Al S., Cleveland OH

BACK PAIN: "I’m a chronic back pain sufferer (20+ years). After application my pain was gone in ten minutes!
Jim H., Spencer IA

Fantastic product! Wonder ingredients that give immediate relief."
Rebekah B., Cleveland OH

ARTHRITIS: "Applied Pain Wizard on hips for arthritis pain. Have no pain today! Wonderful product.
Lauren F., Benford OH

Nothing better on the market. Anywhere!
Kathy M., Denver CO.

TENNIS ELBOW: Tried Pain Wizard and it successfully relieved pain from tennis elbow. Highly recommend this product!"
Brian A., Luverne MN

"We love this product! We have had broken bones, polio, etc. It helps all aches and pains. We are believers!"
Joyce and Roger W., Denver CO

SORE KNEES: "Great relief for sore knees. Will use especially before bowling tournament." 
Butch S., St. Paul MN

"Pain wizard works great. I’m in construction and my back, legs, arms, and feet are always hurting bad after heavy lifting. I’ve used it before and after work each day and the pain has been lifted."
Rick S., Denver CO

JOINT PAIN: "Helped my thumb from holding a welding stinger for 25 years."
Tom C., Boulder CO

"How to not hurt after working in the garden – use Pain Wizard!" 
Joyce K., Garden City KS

CHRONIC PAIN: "When I use Pain Wizard, my pain complete eases. After being injured through my pelvis in a horse accident, Pain Wizard is the only product I’ve found that allows me to move comfortably, without pain."
Brannde B., Abc Pro-Rodeo Queen, Lubbock TX

"Indispensible for the weekend athlete!" 
Ed A., Flagstaff AZ

FIBROMYALGIA: "I have fibromyalgia and have found relief with Pain Wizard." 
Sue F., Wellington CO

"I just love the product. Works great, Helped my knee so the swelling went down and it didn’t hurt anymore. No limp!" 
Sharon P., Jefferson City MO

BACK PAIN: "I did not think it would work on my old back because I’ve used everything going. It worked after 45 minutes and all pain was gone after one hour." 
Clifford F., Cheyenne WY